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Euro Pacific Capital, a division of Alliance Global Partners, offers a means for American investors to gain exposure to areas of the global economy that have largely avoided the crushing debt burdens swamping many developed economies. Changes in currency valuation could have significant impact on long term results. Our firm’s mission is to offer globally diversified investment options to discerning retail investors and forward thinking institutions. 

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End Game for the Fed: How to Invest in an Inflationary Depression
Wednesday, April 10, 2024, 9:55 am - 10:15 am

It's end game for the Fed. Investors will soon discover that the inflation war has been lost. But the collateral damage to the bubble economy means the coming recession will take place commensurate with a resurgence of inflation. It won't just be stagflation like the 1970s, but something far worse. It will be an inflationary depression. None of the investment themes of the past 15 years will work. Most portfolios will need a complete overhaul to avoid real, substantial losses. Peter will explain why this is the  case—and what to do as an investor