Wednesday, April 10, 2024 | 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM EST

Three Key Technical Indicators Every Stock Trader Needs*

This year, more than any other, investors and traders need to hone their skills and knowledge in what technical tools will best help with stock picking and trading tactics. Price-based indicators are useful tools, but it's not always about price rather than the "condition" of price.  

Discover how the momentum, or a stock's pace of price change, plus volume to identify participation and relative performance can highlight whether a stock is attractive or losing its luster relative to the broad market.  

John Person, CEO of John Person Inc., is a 40-year veteran trader, trading system developer, author of several highly acclaimed trading books, and creator of the Persons Pivots and PPS momentum indicators found on brokerage firm platforms such as thinkorswim, TradeStation, and Trade Navigator. In this MoneyMasters class, he will show you how to use three tools: Specific volume analysis to identify market participation The PPS indicator that shows true price momentum Why the PMC indicator should be on every stock trader's charts for identifying relative performance You also need to know how, when, and where to place stop loss and trailing stops, as well as trading tactics such as scaling into and out of trades. 

John Person
John Person, Inc.

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