Wednesday, April 10, 2024 | 2:40 PM - 3:25 PM EST

Why Are You Really Here?

I attend a lot of MoneyShows and financial symposiums. I speak to thousands of attendees. Most attendees come to these events to pick up a good idea or a better strategy, or worse…to try to find out what the market or a sector or stock is going to do in the future. Regardless of why you come to this event, you need to know the following: First, no one knows what the market is going to do in the future, and to bet on someone’s opinion (guess) is simply a fool's game of Russian Roulette; and second, there is a mathematically solid investment strategy where you can take advantage of any market…bull, bear, or flat.

I will show you how to always take advantage of the market without ever trying to guess what it will do next. If you are looking for a way to more than double the return of the market in bull cycles and quadruple the return to the upside in bear cycles, listen to what I have to say and find out the real reason why you are here. 

Mike Turner
President and Professional Portfolio Manager
Turner Capital Investments, LLC

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